Frequently Asked Questions

What type sort of digital agency is DigiFixes?

We’re an agency for digital marketing in Pakistan. A family of people with their interests and love of dogs. We are determined to be different. However, what unites us is that we share a commonality that we are passionate about helping small businesses make an impact through their marketing while also delivering value for dollars. A Good Marketing Professional is the team who arrives with the correct mindset and the relevant information. We’re always thinking, ” What are the numbers giving us? “What’s next?” and we never get comfortable. While we have a formula based on our experiences, our goal is to partner with small businesses to create a unique strategy for your marketing campaigns. Look over our Portfolio and read our 5-star reviews. Meet our team and set up a meeting to learn more about our services!

Who are we working with?

Whether they are well-established or new, we collaborate with companies that already possess an internet presence. However, they want to boost traffic, inquiries, and sales they’re receiving through the Internet. As long as your site is healthy and your idea solid, we’ll aid you in increasing your company’s growth rate.

Can we ensure we will succeed?

SEO is an ongoing issue, and very few are aware of what search engines such as Google will make next to change how websites are listed. Because of this, we cannot guarantee the success of your project; however, we’ll strive to be as accurate as possible regarding the timeframes and expenses involved in your venture and the most likely outcomes using the experience and experience we’ve amassed over the past ten years.

What is the time frame?

With the many variables involved, it is a complex problem to resolve. However, once we know the goals you’re trying to reach and where you are currently, we’ll attempt to give you an accurate time frame for achieving your goals. In reality, a typical project could have positive results in 3-6 months and reach the principal goals within six to twelve months.

What Information We Need to Start?

Project Details, we’ll analyse it and make a considerable amount of quotation. 

Do You Provide Long Term Services?

Yes, we’ve provide long term services, see our services packages.

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